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As a rule, a VIP client is always a very busy person, he does not have enough time for anything
Customers are attracted not by discounts, as in the mass market, but by providing them with additional services and guarantees. Therefore, the right solution is an individual approach to service. Such people are always pleased if a representative of the company comes to them personally to place an order.

If the company comes to the client, and not the client to it – this is a serious indicator of exclusivity and professionalism.

REIGLER for Svyaznoy group: new technologies are cheaper than old ones
Svyaznoy group of companies has signed a contract with REIGLER to design the Windows of its retail stores with reigler lightix throughout Russia. As an advertising tool that focuses the attention of pedestrians and motorists on promotions and special offers of the mobile retailer, two-sided lightix series of CRYSTAL MOBILE formats A1 and A0 were selected.

SUSPENDED on conductive cables that are almost invisible from a distance of more than half a meter, the crystal MOBILE lightix series, thanks to its two-way execution, will not only attract attention to advertising from the street, but also effectively perform advertising functions for visitors who are inside the chain’s stores.

REIGLER lightix, thin, bright and weightless, will replace outdated light panels of the Frame Light type in the store Windows of the retailer. The advantages of the new over the old are obvious: unconditionally surpassing the Frame Light panels in all technical and quality indicators, the REIGLER lightix, thanks to a well-built production policy of the company, now also cost less than hopelessly outdated panels of the previous generation.

Therefore, it is not surprising that reigler managed to win the competition, where 4 other companies participated in addition to IT. The quality of REIGLER lightix, coupled with the traditionally winning offer for a combination of price-service life – production time — these are the factors that competitors are forced to retreat from time to time.

New lighting advertising technologies are priced lower than outdated ones – it is impossible to resist this argument. This confirms the choice of Svyaznoy group.

A direct business benefit is in collaboration with REIGLER. Maybe it’s time for your company to make sure of this as well.

RAYGLER lightixes made the presentation of pan Asian cuisine HakkaDay brighter and juicier
RAYGLER GROUP together with HakkaDay presented the first restaurant of pan-Asian cuisine in Moscow!

Today, people are quite used to traditional Asian cuisines — Japanese and Chinese. The number of specialized restaurants is increasing, and many European restaurants serve sushi and rolls. But the borders of Asia are gradually expanding for us, because guests are now often looking for something new in this kitchen. And this is new today — pan-Asian cuisine! What is Panasia? Pan-Asian cuisine should be considered primarily the cuisine of countries such as Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos, Korea, and Singapore. These countries were still very little represented in the Russian restaurant market, although some of them have already conquered the world. It is this cuisine, adapted to the European taste, that is being promoted by restaurateurs and chefs today.

RAYGLER lightixes made the presentation of pan-Asian hakkaday cuisine brighter and juicier!

Price/Quality or service?

Sitting in front of the computer and here’s a thought …. How are we better than our competitors?

Why should a client choose us from dozens of competitors?

I started analyzing competitors, but everything is the same for everyone. Well, OK, if all are the same, then solves it price, speed, etc. But these are so hackneyed concepts. What does cheaper, faster, better quality mean?

All the same… Everyone sells the same product, plus or minus the same quality, at plus or minus the same price…..
Well, we will increase the conversion rate to sales by increasing the speed from 15% to 17%. Ah OK, add speech modules cool, beautiful presenters and camping on p. Ah still 1-2%. But fundamentally nothing has changed.
At the moment, the market is clearly overheating ….. And what to do…..

There are 3 basic strategies:
1. Price
2. Quality
3. Service

Where to go?
Towards the price? Well, OK…. we will debug business processes and put everything on stream. We will write scripts and reduce costs. Perhaps we will increase the conversion rate to sell, reducing the margin. But we have thousands of customers waiting for us…. Unfortunately not always happy….

Towards quality? And the quality of what? We sell a standard product, perhaps not our option…. We need to think about this.

How do you resolve the issue of detaching from competitors?
Price/Quality or service?

RAYGLER and the Moscow chain of premium coffee shops "kofemania»

Advertising, as you know, is the engine of trade. Even in the Soviet Union, its great power was recognized, as Mayakovsky wrote:
“No one, even the most reliable business does not move without advertising.” But advertising should not just inform, it should also please the eye, be original, and meet the eudemonistic needs of a person. It is for the implementation of such goals and objectives that RAYGLER and the Moscow chain of premium coffee shops “coffemania” have agreed to place two-sided lightix MAGNETIC A1 DS, the distinctive feature of which is the ability to quickly and conveniently change the image, which is best suited for frequent updates.

“MAGNETIC” has become a kind of technological breakthrough in its field, because they can reduce labor costs, but at the same time increase the effectiveness of promotions, and in addition,lightiks are also available in outdoor performance, which will make them an indispensable attribute of the interior and exterior for any company.

One of the largest banks — Bank of Moscow chooses quality
The recent tender gave a huge boost to the development of mutually beneficial relations between the Bank of Moscow and Reigler. The new double-sided lightix series CRYSTAL MOBILE on magnets of sizes A1 and A0 (sizes 949x702x18 and 1300x950x18, respectively) will harmoniously fit into the appearance and interior of all branches of the Bank of Moscow, creating a bright image with an openwork glow around the perimeter, like a bright halo. This advertising solution in the Bank of Moscow branches will be unusual, creative and attract attention. The new technology allows you to significantly save money and optimize the Bank’s advertising campaigns and promotions, as it can be located exactly where it will be most effective.

Relatively light, bright and reliable lightix will increase the effectiveness of advertising campaigns of any enterprise, as many of our clients have already seen, and as you can see for Yourself by contacting Reigler. Reigler has long established itself as a reliable and impeccable world-class supplier.

New record from REIGLER engineers - for " Bon Joly»
The new cosmetics and perfume store of the popular Bon Joly chain, located in the very center of Moscow, has chosen REIGLER company as a supplier of light advertising products. Laitiksami REIGLER equipped not only the premises of the store, but also the eponymous beauty salon, located on its squares. In addition, the outdoor series of REIGLER lighties also decorated the store’s entrance group, while simultaneously performing a navigation function for visitors.

It is worth noting that when fulfilling the order for Bon Joly, REIGLER managed to set a new technological record, in full accordance with the special wishes of the customer. Shop Windows set how a series of hitherto unseen MAGNETIC format 2,1×1,2 m. Such large dimensions how was required due to exceeding the usual dimensions of the Windows: it was necessary to make them as noticeable and it required the ability to quickly and easy change of information. The REIGLER engineers handled this task with flying colors. Lightix MAGNETIC super-large format retaining its main advantage: the replacement of advertising posters in a matter of seconds, perfectly filled the display space, attracting the attention of visitors from afar.

The design of a beauty salon with lightix also deserves special attention. Advertising mirrors were made on the basis of the most popular ultra-thin light panels CRYSTAL LUX. Built-in motion sensors are triggered when a person approaches, and a thin and bright light panel with an advertising image turns into a normal mirror.

Complex design of any retail premises with light advertising products of the highest quality and reliability – REIGLER has coped with such tasks many times. You need a turnkey lighting design – contact REIGLER, we will be happy to tell you about the projects already made and provide a new one that is suitable for the purposes of your business.

RAYGLER and FitnessMania sports club

The design of a modern Moscow sports club with a total area of 9000 sq. m., “fitness Mania” with lightiks of the CRYSTAL LUX series of large formats Raygler is constantly expanding its cooperation with customers in various industries, as a result, more and more companies can appreciate the products of this brand. This time, the “CRYSTAL LUX” Lightixes were installed in the modern fitness Mania sports club with a total area of 9000 sq. m. This product of the REIGLER company, which has proven itself in many advertising campaigns, harmoniously fits into the interior of the room, adding its brightness to the style of the club, making it exclusive, recognizable and pleasant.

Now even lighting devices are not needed — so bright is the glow, but at the same time, soft and not blinding visitors. It is particularly worth noting that it seems that the light is emitted by the image, which undoubtedly helps to remember the image on a subconscious level, which, in the end, is the main goal of all advertising actions.

REIGLER at the Advertising-2010 exhibition: participation with continued success
REIGLER company took part in the exhibition “Advertising – 2010”. REIGLER’s participation in a representative advertising forum has become a good tradition: for several years visitors can not only appreciate the highest quality ultra-thin light panels and how REIGLER live, but also to get acquainted with the latest novelties decorations and get advice on their most profitable use.

Multimedia displays, led dynamic multix displays, ultra-bright light panels – new generation lightix, POS materials, exclusive light dynamic designs for brand promotion at the points of sale – all this was presented at the company’s stand. Thanks to a successful design solution and layout of light structures, the company’s stand was a bright and colorful island that attracted the attention of visitors with a combination of static light and dynamic lighting effects.

As a result of REIGLER’s participation in the exhibition “Advertising -2010”, a lot of new business contacts were made, some of which resulted in signed contracts, literally without leaving the stand. Representatives of the advertising, alcohol, tobacco, construction and telecommunications industries, large retail and banking businesses showed constant interest in REIGLER products.

If representatives of your company were not able to attend the exhibition, REIGLER specialists will be happy to introduce you to the entire range of the company, including the latest innovations, in the cozy REIGLER office.

MTS selects comprehensive advertising solutions from REIGLER.
MTS company is one of the leading Russian operators of cellular communication has entered into with the company REIGLER a major contract for the manufacture and supply of how. With the help of REIGLER products, a comprehensive light advertising design of MTS salons will be carried out, including the placement of lightixes, both in showcases and on the walls inside the salons.

Double-sided reigler lightix of the popular series of CRYSTAL MOBILE formats A1 PLUS and A0 on barely noticeable elegant conductive cables, placed in window displays, will attract attention to the offers of the mobile giant to pedestrians and motorists, while simultaneously performing the same task for salon visitors. Two types of lightix will be placed inside the salons: a series of special brightness CRYSTAL LUX A2 PLUS format and multimedia displays REIGLER with a diagonal of 22 inches.

The technical characteristics of multimedia displays deserve special attention: they can play not only photos and slideshows, but also videos in formats from AVI to MPEG, from the most common media: USB flash cards, SD cards and SD cards. In addition, REIGLER multimedia displays are equipped with built-in speakers and a system for automatically configuring the necessary parameters with the possibility of centralized management via the Internet from anywhere in the world.

It is worth noting that REIGLER received the right to design light and multimedia advertising media for MTS salons throughout Russia after winning a tender, where three other large companies engaged in the supply of light advertising solutions participated. REIGLER became the undisputed winner not only because of its impeccable reputation as a world-class manufacturer: no one else was able to offer MTS a comprehensive interior design of light and multimedia advertising products of its own production, which significantly reduced the time and financial costs of the mobile operator.

What would be a complex advertising challenges did not stand in front of your business you can be sure that REIGLER cope with any of them. The entire spectrum of lighting and multimedia solutions in one place-and this place is called REIGLER.

The trailer network is steadily expanding: a seminar was held in Moscow with the participation of regional dealers of THE company
REIGLER representative office in Russia, CIS countries and Eastern Europe held a meeting and seminar with the company’s dealers. The seminar was held as part of REIGLER’s participation in the Advertising 2010 exhibition.

The seminar was attended by more than 20 heads of regional offices of REIGLER from Russia and the CIS. At the meeting, issues relevant to regional dealers related to the entire range of applications of REIGLER light products, as well as issues related to the promotion of the world-famous advertising brand were discussed.

The main topics of the large-scale seminar were the methods of using thin light structures as an effective means of attracting customers ‘ attention, the benefits and advantages of ultra-thin light panels and lightix created using REIGLER technologies for end-business consumers, as well as the versatility of using reigler lightix not only as an advertising tool, but also as a way to transform and decorate interiors. Special emphasis was placed on correctly communicating to the business audience the undeniable advantages of REIGLER products: reliability and cost-effectiveness of application.

The seminar, which the participants unanimously recognized as extremely informative and useful for the development of partnerships, ended with an informal dinner at the Old Havana restaurant.

REIGLER continues to expand its dealer network and invites advertising companies from cities and regions of Russia and the CIS to cooperate. Do you want to increase your company’s revenue by presenting light advertising products of world-famous quality and reliability? Become a partner of RIEGLER!